since 1999, the picture fixer has been restoring and colorizing photos digitally using all of the major software.  we can also manipulate and change your photos.  we can also make photo buttons of your loved ones.

on the right you see an example of a photo that has lost a battle with time.  everything is orange!  we restored it to it's original beauty.  not only that, we straightened out the perspective issues in the photo!

we can fix almost any photo!



look at this nice family photo.  time has faded it badly.  can we bring it back to life? of course, we can!


your memories are important.

we can give them a new life.

just e-mail us a copy of your photo, and we can take it from there!



background boring?  >down at>or >or near a calm>or anywhere>we can change and manipulate your photos.


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we will work on any pictures regardless of the content of the pictures.  we will need proof of ownership of copyright materials.


the pictures.  we will need proof of ownership of copyright materials.


the picture fixer

p.o. box 1586    temple city, ca 91780

(626) 786-9902





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