when you digitally restore a

when you digitally restore a photo, you never touch the original.  after scanning it, all of the work is done in the computer. we give you a cd with the original scanned on it and the finished product.

the object to restoring a photo is to make it look the way it originally did.  here are some examples of what we do!


this is a prom picture from the 1970's of a very happy couple.  their son gave me this picture to restore, because his father died at a very young age, and pictures are all he has of him.  the picture was faded and somebody put tape all around the sides of it.  it was in very bad shape, but we worked our magic on it and you can see our results.  a picture that he has hanging on his wall!


it is the first day of school for your daughter, so you take a picture.   you can't develop it right away, so a friend tells you to put the film in the refrigerator for safe keeping.  wrong!  great for batteries, but terrible for film!  not only did we restore the picture, but we straightened the fence while we were not only did we restore the picture, but we straightened the fence while we were at it!

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